Shot for The Guardian  Shana-Jane (at the back filming on her mobile phone) moved into the building 3 months ago. Originally from Dulwich, she’s been coming to Carnival since she was a baby. Through cooking jerk chicken she’s raising money for the CSN Foundation, a children’s special needs foundation building a school in Sierra Leone. Luckily there is no shortage of mouths to feed, with the Boiler Room stage on her doorstep.
 A group of people gather on the steps of some flats at the busy Boiler Room Sound System on Powis Terrace.
 Ryan (Pink hoodie at the back) and Sami (centre with phone) invite me up to Ryan’s doorstep. Born and bread in Notting Hill, he’s lived in this apartment for 12 years, but worries about the violence amongst some of the younger generations coming to carnival now. “The week coming up to carnival you see community support officers with torches in bushes looking for weapons.”
 Jill and Kay came down to London from Birmingham, and only had the Sunday for carnival. “Shame about the rain” they chuckled, “we’re just trying to stay warm.”
 David’s lived in this building on Westbourne Park Road for 25 years, and loves to go to carnival to dance. His signs read “water £1, cold drinks £2, drag queen priceless x.”
 Soleme (black hat) dances on her windowsill with friends, whilst a neighbour gets drinks from a basement. She’s lived here for about a year, and works in a pub locally.
 People queue for toilets on Talbot Road.
 Two people sit on a doorstep and take a break from the rain on Portobello Road.
 Melanie hosts a private party that’s open to any “good pixies” who want to join. Her friends blow bubbles as she offers “pixie juice” to those brave enough to try. Her home has been in the family for over 35 years. The council approached her today about selling alcohol without a licence, but she's only accepting donations for her private party.
 Monday afternoon on Ladbroke Grove, and people gather on an elevated doorstep to watch the floats go past.
 A group of friends gather on the steps of a house in Powis Square and inhale laughing gas. Opposite, the Bacardi Stage rages.
 A man gets stopped and searched by Police in-front of some large houses on Colville Terrace, whilst a woman asks for directions in the foreground.
 Two women enjoy drinks on a balcony on Ledbury Road, whilst two more women carry a bucket full of beers down the street.
 A man rest on the street outside a house on Ledbury Road, whilst behind him two people find a place to enjoy some food.
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